“Where is the Justice” is a poignant song featured in the anime series Death Note. If you’re looking to find the lyrics to this impactful track, here are some places where you can locate them.

1. Official Soundtrack

Check the official Death Note soundtrack albums. The lyrics may be included in the liner notes or booklet accompanying the CDs.

2. Anime Websites

Explore anime-dedicated websites that offer comprehensive information about Death Note. Some sites may provide the lyrics along with translations.

3. Fan Forums

Join online fan forums or communities dedicated to Death Note. Fellow fans often share resources, including song lyrics and translations.

4. Lyrics Websites

Search on lyrics websites that specialize in anime and Japanese music. These platforms may have accurate transcriptions of “Where is the Justice” lyrics.

5. YouTube

Browse YouTube for videos featuring “Where is the Justice” with subtitles. Some users upload videos with lyrics displayed on-screen.

6. Anime Music Videos (AMVs)

Watch AMVs featuring “Where is the Justice.” Creators sometimes include subtitles with the song lyrics in their videos.

7. Social Media

Follow Death Note fan accounts on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Fans often share song lyrics and translations.

8. Streaming Platforms

Explore music streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Music. While the lyrics might not be provided directly, you can listen to the song and attempt to transcribe the lyrics yourself.

9. Anime Conventions

Attend anime conventions where Death Note is celebrated. Vendors may sell merchandise like songbooks or CDs that include the lyrics.

10. Anime Magazines

Look for anime magazines that feature Death Note content. These publications may include articles with song lyrics and analyses.

11. Japanese Music Stores

If you have access to Japanese music stores, check for Death Note soundtrack CDs. They may offer the lyrics in the packaging.

12. Online Retailers

Search online retailers like Amazon for Death Note soundtrack CDs. Look for product descriptions that mention lyrics or songbook contents.

13. Subtitle Files

Download subtitle files for Death Note episodes or movies. Some subtitle files include song lyrics along with dialogue.

14. Lyrics Apps

Explore mobile apps designed for accessing song lyrics. Some apps cater specifically to anime and Japanese music.

15. Online Translators

Use online translation tools to translate Japanese lyrics into your preferred language. This can help you understand the meaning of the song’s lyrics.

16. Music Blogs

Read music blogs or review sites that cover anime soundtracks. Bloggers may have transcribed lyrics or provided links to reliable sources.

17. Podcasts

Listen to podcasts that discuss anime music. Podcast hosts or guests might share insights about “Where is the Justice” lyrics.

18. Community Events

Participate in Death Note-themed events hosted by local anime clubs or organizations. Attendees may share resources like song lyrics.

19. Japanese Lyrics Websites

Explore Japanese websites dedicated to song lyrics. While navigating these sites may require translation tools, they can provide authentic lyrics.

20. Online Marketplaces

Search online marketplaces for Death Note merchandise, including imported CDs or DVDs. Some listings may mention lyric booklets.

21. Anime Fan Sites

Visit websites created by dedicated Death Note fans. These sites often feature detailed information about the series, including song lyrics.

22. Music Sheet Platforms

Check websites that offer music sheets for piano or guitar. While not as common, some platforms provide transcriptions of anime song lyrics.

23. Educational Resources

Look for educational resources related to Japanese language and culture. Textbooks or online courses may include exercises featuring song lyrics.

24. Community Translations

Engage with online communities that specialize in translating Japanese media. Members may assist in translating “Where is the Justice” lyrics.

25. Direct Inquiries

Consider reaching out to official Death Note licensors or music producers directly. While responses are not guaranteed, they may provide guidance on accessing the song’s lyrics.