Bed bugs feed on feed and can bite you while you sleep. Sadly, these pests are challenging to detect until you get bug bites. Once these bugs have infested your home, they can be difficult to handle on your own. That is why you should turn to a pest control company like Saela Pest if you have a bed bug issue in your home. Pest control technicians have done it many times before, so they know how to approach the active bed bug infestation in your house. 

Best Bed Bug Treatments

Pest control experts use the best treatment methods to eliminate bed bugs. They will thoroughly inspect your house to determine the severity of the infestation. This will help them determine the right treatment method to employ. The experts will use a proven vacuum treatment to eliminate the live bugs you can see. They will apply specialized products to all infested areas. Also, they may use dust treatment to target areas that are not easy to access. 

Store-bought bug sprays only kill visible bed bugs. Some bed bugs may be resistant to these products. The best way to free your home of these bugs is to let a pest control company address the issue for you. Other treatment methods for bed bugs include the following:

  • Vacuums. Vacuum beds, upholstered pieces of furniture, carpets, and draperies infested with bed bugs. Then, dispose of the bag in a trash can outside your house. Vacuuming will not eliminate bed bugs; however, it could minimize the bed bug population in your house. 
  • Heat treatment. Infected clothing, bedding, and other items must be placed in a dryer and exposed to a temperature of 113 F for 90 minutes or more. This will kill the bed bugs on those items. Also, bed bug eggs need to be exposed to 118 F temperature to die. In addition, you can treat furniture and carpets using a steam cleaner by exposing these items to 130 F temperature. 

Dryers and steam cleaners will not eliminate any nesting bed bugs. The bugs can infest your house again even after heat treatment. You may want to try this management method until a pest control team is brought in. 

How to Permanently Free Your Home of Bed Bugs

Call a pest control company to handle an active bed bug infestation in your house. To avoid future re-infestations, use a bug protection encasement to cover your mattress. Also, it can help to steam clean fabrics such as carpets frequently and be careful about bringing second-hand furniture into your house. 

What Draws Bed Bugs to Your House?

Bed bugs are drawn to areas that give them warmth, food source, and carbon dioxide that human breathing emits. Usually, they get into houses by hitching a ride on bags, suitcases, clothing, furniture, and boxes that you may bring with you without realizing what is hiding in cracks, crevices, and seams. You can prevent this from happening by being wary of what you bring into your house and staying on top of pest control.