You have come to the right place to learn all about Byju’s shares, from starting in 2011 to becoming a decacorn in 2018, with a value of over 22 billion dollars. But spending billions of dollars to acquire many tech startups like Akash, Great Learning, Epic, Toppr, and others is in rough weather now.  However, with the noble intention of helping students in the nook and corner of India to be successful in many competitive exams, from NEET and JEE to IAS and other UPSC exams, you need to know all about Byju’s share price

So, continue reading the blog until the end to learn all about Byju’s shares. Then, make a wise investment through the top broker to get high returns in the future. 

What are Byju’s shares?

Until a few years ago, students only in metropolitan cities were able to study in coaching centres to get high scores in many competitive exams and become doctors, engineers, auditors, and other professionals.  Also, those with big ambitions to become collectors, top police officers, revenue service officers, and others need to come to significant cities to fulfil them.  But digitalization is taking the world by storm, enabling students and those with big job ambitions to study the courses in coaching centres online.  It is here that Byjus started in 2011 and became the top multinational educational technology company in India.  The significant reason for this is that it provides top-notch courses for most of the competitive exams online that are available with only the best coaching centres in metropolitan cities.  Byju’s shares became one of the top unlisted shares and also pre-IPO shares as its valuation peaked at over 22 billion dollars in 2022.

Why is the Byju’s share price low in 2024?

Times of India rated Byju’s share as the second-ranked unlisted share in 2022 because of its high valuation and of continuous funding from top charity foundations, institutions and others worldwide.  Started as only an online tutoring company to help schoolchildren prepare for competitive exams in India and developed into an eponymous tech company.  This is because of the continuous funding from CZI, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, and others for the past decade.  Also, to reach students and job seekers across India, many tech startups were acquired for billions of dollars.  All of it has caused a massive slash in its valuation from 22 to 1 billion dollars from 2018 to 2022.  It is the reason that Byju’s stock price is low in 2024, which provides a fantastic opportunity to buy to reap huge profits. 

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